Chuck Majewski 
Thanks Paul,
in either Ms. Marvin's 3rd grade, or Ms Kaempan's 4th, I drew a character called RAT FINK. Whe used to get a little toy ring in Gumball machines back then. The teachers used to take the RF drawings from me and ask me to draw cute stuff instead. I'd tell them I was going to draw Rat Fink Comics some day. Time passed, I moved, then in 1989, an article in our local St Pete Newspaper was about Rat Fink, and a local publisher was producing a new comic just in Tampa. : ) So, I tracked him down and Ed Roth saw 2 drawings I did of his creation, and hired me. So, the work can be called, Rat Fink Art, Weirdo Art, Kustom Kulture, LowBrow, Outsider Art, or I call it Kaffinated Kartoon Art. 
Please look up any of the above terms, in California, it's BIG.